Thursday, October 20, 2016

French class update

Dear 1st grade Families,

My name is Eteri Shvets, and I am your children’s French Teacher this year.  We are off to a great start!  The children are very motivated and eager to learn.  

Here is what we do in French class every day:  the children come in and say “Bonjour!” to our friend, Pim the Panda;  we sing our “Bonjour, mes amis, bonjour!” song;  then we practice saying “Comment ça va? “ -- how things are going”;  and tell Pim what our name is -- “Je m’appelle”.  

We learned a counting song -- ask your children to sing it for you!

We also learned the names of different colors in French. (Still working on those, but most children know their colors pretty well!) We play lots of games with numbers and colors.  

We also learned the following expressions that you can practice at home:

Ça va bien -- I am doing great!
Ça va mal -- I am not doing well
Comme ci, comme ça -- I am doing so-so
Voici! -- Here!
Merci! -- Thank you!
Non, merci! -- No, thank you!
J’ai faim! -- I am hungry!
Et toi? -- And you?
Où est -- where is?
Au revoir! -- Good bye!

We will be learning French words and expressions that are meaningful and fun, and will soon begin telling and creating stories in French.  Ask your children to tell you the story about Pim being hungry and refusing one food after another!  

If you have any questions, please write me an email --


Madame Shvets

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