Sunday, September 04, 2016

Snack info

First and third grade lunch begins at 12:45pm this year, due to sharing a lunch room with the middle school.  That is SUPER late!!!!

So I am planning to have 2 snack times in the morning to help keep the kids well fueled and hydrated.  One small snack at 9:45am, and the second small snack at 11:30am, right after recess.  I think one snack at 10am will not get us thru until lunch at 12:45.  Last year it was tough to have them even wait until 12:10pm!!!

The snack breaks will be about 10 minutes long, so as not to take away too much instructional time.  I encourage you to send water bottles for the kids to keep in our classroom (no need to send back and forth). September is HOT and Pond Cove has a BRAND NEW water bottle water fountain with cool filtered water right near our classroom in the lobby, yay yay yay!

Image result for water fountain with bottle filler

I will help the kids save their snacks for our second snack time, so that they have some left to eat at 11:30.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions at all.  I am aware that this will be an extra cost to your family, so please know that we can help provide extra snacks if this is in any way a hardship.  Just shoot me a quick email if I can help!❤

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