Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mrs. G's last visit

The fabulous Mrs.'s G came for her last lesson on Tuesday. It was all about the transition to second grade.  Step-up day will be a chance to meet your new teacher, see your new classroom, and see the new friends in your classroom. Positive self-talk may help you through this big change coming up:  "I CAN DO THIS," "This is gonna be a great year!"
Mark, Scaredy Squirrel and Kelsey 
Scaredy is scared to go to grade 2
Kelsey is mad that she is not with her best friend next year
Mark is worried that people say his new teacher is mean and yells a lot
The kids came up with many ways to help the puppets:
1.  calm down
2.  ask your new teacher to help you
3.  one of your classmates may be with you
4.  you WILL see people you already know
5.  one day at a time
6.  deep breath
7.  you did it when you came to first grade 
8.  you'll see your old friends at recess and lunch
9.  make new friends in your new class
10.  maybe I am not the best learner with my close friends, so I am not with them in grade 2
11.  ignore what other people say about your new teacher and tell them "I'm gonna figure it out for myself"
12.  make good choices
13.  talk to Mrs. G or your parents

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