Friday, May 20, 2016

More poetry

by AN

cake yes cake
is sweet yes sweet
is a treat yes treat
on a plate
yum yum yum

by AN

butterflies butterflies
are soft and delicate
all different colors
shining in the sky

by AN

a mushroom
a mushroom
is in a forest
a girl came along
and squished the mushroom
squished the mushroom
the end

by SG

my new tooth
going downstairs
still got $
my second tooth
came out with a sugar donut

by SG

looks like marshmallows
I am going
to eat them all up!

I Love
by SG

I love mom
I love dad
I love Will
I love FGteev
I love Roblox
I love the Foos
I love Betsy
I love blue
but I really love video games

The Spanish Flag
by KH

the Spanish flag
sways side to side
the person who made it
is probably intelligent 

by KH

languages I know
I know them all
but when it comes to writing
I can't write at all

A Leaf
by KH

a leaf 
a leaf
is falling from the sky
it fell in a storm
and it floats so high
it changes color
in the fall
it's racing another leaf
that is so tall

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