Friday, February 26, 2016

100th of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A fun-filled day of working with the number 100!
100 exercises

Mrs. G

Our fabulous school counselor, Mrs. G, came Tuesday to review strategies for dealing with small problems (and large problems, too).  The kids brainstormed all kinds of small problems, including "someone is chasing me on the playground and I want it to stop."  The kids then had to move around the classroom to indicate their choices of strategies for solving these small problems.

Art class masks


One of our students brought a special treat for all of the sparkly Valen-SLIME! It made Choice Time pretty hilarious and burpy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Special thanks for Jen and Eric!

Parents Jen E. And Eric N. volunteered their time to help the kids celebrate Valentine's Day on Feb. 12.  The kids paints ceramic mugs and magnets that Jen donated. The kids also marble-painted some valentines and cut out heart-shaped holes to frame the marble paints.  Thanks so much, Jen and Eric!