Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Writing Update

Our non-fiction writing unit from November and December is all finished!  Your child's writing from this unit will come home this week.  Please be sure to enjoy it with your child!

One particular lesson about being brave enough to spell “domain-specific words” stayed with the kids and is still often talked about to this day.  These are usually complex, multisyllabic words.  We did not call them “domain-specific,” but instead called them “MILLION-DOLLAR WORDS.”  They help make reading more interesting and educational for the reader. Examples the kids used words like “echolocation” in a book about bats, “telescope” in a book about space, and “hieroglyphics” in a book about Egypt!  Other million dollar words the kids used which were way cool:

crushing arteries endangered ingredients
confusing delicious chrysalis nocturnal
rare dangerous penalty steep nectar

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