Friday, January 29, 2016

Solving problems with Mrs. G

On Thursday we worked on strategies to solve small problems.  We watched and discussed some Kelso the Frog videos with real kids solving real kid problems in school and on the playground. And, as always, for BIG problems, make sure you get an adult you trust!

Spark's Ark

We are studying animal adaptations in science.  Thanks to the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust for sharing their space with us!
Josh Spark
Sugar Glider
Fennec Fox
Bat (not alive)
Bearded Dragon
Barred Owl

big snake

Monday, January 25, 2016

Art class

Multi-day mask making projects are close to being done!

Lunchroom behavior

Our first graders have been struggling with eating quietly, speaking softly and staying seated in the cafeteria. This morning we met with Mrs. Curran, our new assistant principal, to practice and review these rules.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Busy Friday

Writing Workshop:  We are busy writing "Rotten Tomato" reviews of the worst of the worst.  Worst foods, worst movies, worst sports.  So much fun!

Guidance with Mrs. Hannon
Bad Kitty story with Miss Kieran
Gym time with Mr. Shields!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Media Center

Our librarian's name is Mrs. Cameron Rosenblum.  She teaches us how to choose books for ourselves.  One half of our library is fiction; the other side is non-fiction.

Fact vs. Opinion

This year we will try our hands at writing both fiction and non-fiction.  We will also READ fiction and non-fiction.  We are doing some quick mini-lessons on what is a fact, and what is an opinion.  We are teaching the kids that a FACT is something you can prove.  An OPINION is something that you THINK. For example, "Football is the best sport" vs. "The team colors are red and black."

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

World Language

Professional development

I am at the fire station today and tomorrow for professional development.  It is a district-wide training...I am the fifth and last cohort.  It is very hard to be away from the kids....torture! Stressful! So much to teach, so little time!  The title of this workshop: Hope for All Students: Using Best Practices to Positively Impact Student Learning (including Differentiated Strategies).

Monday, January 11, 2016

Table share

At the end of writing workshop, we have some time to share our work. This may be partner share, table share, or whole class share on the rug.

Friday, January 08, 2016

Guidance with Mrs. Hannnon

We worked on our Social Thinking curriculum with Mrs. Hannon today.  We learned about two "Unthinkables."

One-sided Sid changes likes to make people talk only about their own interests or themselves (know anyone like that, grownups?).  They don't even notice when other people aren't listening to them anymore.

Un-wonderer is very similar....he tries to keep people from thinking about others.  An example of an Unwonderer is someone who only talks about what they want to talk about.  Someone who doesn't show any interest in others.

People can defeat these Unthinkables by looking the speaker in the eye, asking your friend social questions, staying on topic and asking "wh" questions (who what when where why).

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Writing Update

Our non-fiction writing unit from November and December is all finished!  Your child's writing from this unit will come home this week.  Please be sure to enjoy it with your child!

One particular lesson about being brave enough to spell “domain-specific words” stayed with the kids and is still often talked about to this day.  These are usually complex, multisyllabic words.  We did not call them “domain-specific,” but instead called them “MILLION-DOLLAR WORDS.”  They help make reading more interesting and educational for the reader. Examples the kids used words like “echolocation” in a book about bats, “telescope” in a book about space, and “hieroglyphics” in a book about Egypt!  Other million dollar words the kids used which were way cool:

crushing arteries endangered ingredients
confusing delicious chrysalis nocturnal
rare dangerous penalty steep nectar