Friday, May 29, 2015


Today is Pond Cove's fabulous annual Arts Day! My class had yoga lessons with Debbie Dryee, watercolors with Marie Ahearn, and night sky pointillism (q-tip painting) with Susana Hubbs.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4th Grade visit

Mrs. Whipple's 4th grade class can down today to share their Cape Elizabeth history books with us. First graders had to record 3 facts they learned in their Cape 250 journals. The kids had a great time together, which was heartwarming to watch!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More pics of Cape 250 art

Thanks to Sandi and Gemma for helping out today! Mrs. Hasson came by to take a few pics, so keep an eye out for more
pics in the Pond Cove weekly newsletter.

Last day!

Today is Sarah Herboldscheimer's last day of ocean art with our first graders. Our final display will be available to see in our Pond Cove lobby starting on Friday, May 29 and for years to come!

Some of our poetry! more tomorrow

The Chime
by J

The chime was tinging
And he could not stop
So he said to his self
Stop it
So he did

by Z

The Mario world is like the world
It has grass
It even has mountains
Cloud and fire
But there is a difference...

Weird Guy
by M

Tried to walk
From Ireland to California
When he got there
He was a billion years old

by G

Something's brown
Something's smelly
Something's dirty
Something's cute
That something is Skylar
And steals

by E

Love bananas
I love bananas too
I think
I am a Minion

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Video post!

Morning work
Late last week I spread out a whole bunch of books that are "good fit" books for first graders for the kids to browse through as they all arrived in the morning.  Little did I know that this is what would happen.  I had to capture it all for you.  And the sound is REAL and not was really that quiet!

Monday, May 18, 2015


Today we started our study of fractions, yes, fractions in grade 1! Coming soon, equivalent fractions! Ya, I said it, equivalent fractions! We will use manipulatives through the whole process to help the kids understand the concepts.

Cape 250 art

Making papier-mâché sand dollars and mussels.
Thank you
Jill for helping today.

Friday, May 15, 2015

4th grade Cape 250th Performance

Today we went to see the 4th graders present their physical theatre presentation for Cape 250.  Scroll down for fun facts about Cape Elizabeth!

Did you know?
There have been over 100 shipwrecks off of Cape Elizabeth?
Portland Head Light lighthouse is 101 feet tall?
The Little League started in Maine in 1951, and that same year the Cape Elizabeth little league team went to the Little League World Series!
The name Kettle Cove name comes from The Kettle Restaurant that used to be on the property.
In the1950s, Cape was called the "Garden of Maine" because there were so many farms.
Kids were in charge of the stove to keep the school warm in the old days.  What could go wrong???
In the old days, teachers would live with families for a month, then stay with another family for a month.  Can I bring my pugs?
Native Americans were here first (hopefully you knew that one already).
Cape is named after Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia .
A ghost on Richmond Island protects a legendary buried treasure!


The kids continued their work on our Cape 250 ocean art project with Sara.  Today we made sea anemone.  Say that three times fast!
Special thanks to Nina and Kim for helping out today!