Friday, December 11, 2015

Guidance with Mrs. Hannon

Today's lesson was all about defeating Glassman.  He is a character from the Social Thinking Curriculum.  If you are super flexible, you can defeat Glassman!
Our practice activity included using small, medium and large cups.  Mrs. Hannon would read a common first grade problem, and each child had to decide if the problem was small, medium or large problem.  Then they had to place their gemstone in the matching cup.  Discussion would follow if there was disagreement.  Problems included: 
1. I forgot my lunch at home.
2. I fell at recess and got a big cut.  The nurse says it needs stitches and I have to go to the hospital, but I will be back home tonight.
3. I forgot my library book!
4. I missed my bus.
5. A volcano erupted on my town (not a common first grade problem lol).
6. My classmate cut me in line.
7.  I didn't get the color gem that I wanted.

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