Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Size of the Problem

We have been working with Mrs. Gallagher on a very important social skill called "The Size of the Problem."  Please read below from the authors of the Social Thinking Curriculum:

Authors: Michelle Garcia Winner,Pamela Crooke, PhD

We all experience problems; they’re a part of life. We can’t avoid them even if we use our best social thinking. It’s a hidden rule that when we’re around others, our reaction size (the behavior we show on the outside) should match the size of our problem. But sometimes our feelings about a problem are much bigger than the problem itself!

Social Thinking teaches that problems and reactions come in different sizes. Big problems are really serious ones. When we have a big reaction to a big problem, that’s expected. Medium problems are things we didn’t expect to happen and can’t be quickly fixed. They tend to make us and/or people around us upset. Adults expect kids to help solve medium problems. Small problems, or glitches, are ones we can quickly fix on our own if we stay calm. Small problems are “no big deal.” However, when our reactions are larger than the size of the problem this can create a whole new problem. The way we react to problems can create its very own problem!

I have posted a graphic that may help you understand more.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

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