Friday, September 18, 2015


We have bi-weekly guidance lessons with our fabulous school counselor, Mrs. Bri Gallagher.  This week's lesson focused on who to talk to if you need help at Pond Cove School.  She told the kids that all of the grownups at PC have a number one job; to help kids learn.  ANY and ALL of us are here to help kids.
Ideas of people to talk to if you need help:

  • Mom or Dad
  • Your teacher
  • Mrs. Gallagher

Mrs. G and her Panda puppet modeled how to ask for help, and then the kids each had a turn to practice with the panda.  She gave the kids words to start with---"I am having a hard time with  ___________________.  Can you help?"  Sample kids problems included finding a friend to play with at recess, being unable to open your thermos at lunch, finding a seat on the bus, and seeing kids fooling in the bathroom.  It was a great lesson!

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