Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pool trip

Our trip was a blast!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Reading Program

At Thomas Memorial Library!
We went to Thomas Memorial Library this morning to learn all about their Summer Reading program.  Sooo cute!  The kids can earn prizes for reading, and now MATH!  Yes, new this summer---Summer Math! Your child has a packet with information from the library to show you.  I am pretty sure all of the kids wanted to sign up for the program today while we were at the library, so I think the kids are all signed up!

Step up day on Friday

Image result for giant stuffed panda
This Friday will be Step-up Day at Pond Cove School.  The kids will get a chance to meet their new teacher and their new classmates.  It can be a fun day, but can also produce some anxiety!  Mrs. G, our school counselor, came to our classroom yesterday to talk about Step-up Day and next year's placement issues.  She wisely asked the kids to bring 2 things back to school in September:
1.  Good learning habits they learned in grade 1
2.  A positive attitude--it's gonna be an awesome year in grade 2!!!!!!

Mrs. Gallagher also had the children offer advice to her stuffed panda, who is also anxious about next year.  Panda wanted to know what to do if:
1.  You did not have your best buddies in your class next year...
2.  You did not get the teacher you wanted...

So, if your child is worried about next year, ask your child what advice they gave Panda!!!

Playdoh fun

How beautiful is this????

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Kettle Cove field trip

Special thanks to Kim, Gemma, Jill, Nina and Catey for chaperoning on our beach field trip.
Last pic...The short bus ride back to school. Enjoying a poetry book.

Field day