Friday, May 15, 2015

4th grade Cape 250th Performance

Today we went to see the 4th graders present their physical theatre presentation for Cape 250.  Scroll down for fun facts about Cape Elizabeth!

Did you know?
There have been over 100 shipwrecks off of Cape Elizabeth?
Portland Head Light lighthouse is 101 feet tall?
The Little League started in Maine in 1951, and that same year the Cape Elizabeth little league team went to the Little League World Series!
The name Kettle Cove name comes from The Kettle Restaurant that used to be on the property.
In the1950s, Cape was called the "Garden of Maine" because there were so many farms.
Kids were in charge of the stove to keep the school warm in the old days.  What could go wrong???
In the old days, teachers would live with families for a month, then stay with another family for a month.  Can I bring my pugs?
Native Americans were here first (hopefully you knew that one already).
Cape is named after Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia .
A ghost on Richmond Island protects a legendary buried treasure!

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