Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fiction Writing

The children are having a great time trying their hand at Fiction writing.  Here is a map of the instruction so far:

Some of the characters the children have made up so far to use in their stories include:
Bob the Robber
Sharley the Shark
Poppy the Puppy
The Old Man
Billy and Bobby
Weird Guy
The Acorn
Oscar the Crying Baby
Arker the Kiwi Bird
The Talking Carrot
Cheddar the Mouse
Rat-skull the Rat
Bobby the Flying Snail
The Chicken and the Cat
Puggy the Dog
Moosey the Moose
The Alien Brothers
The Aliens Agalea and Satay
The Chickens and the Pigs
Polkadot the Cat
Sally the Cat
The Mermaid and the Dolphin
Crash the Super Hero
Doug the Ant
Legend the Pro Skater
The Trash Man
Bruce the Cat
Princess the Cat
Bad Kitty
Stringy the Talking Spaghetti
Henry the UpsideDown Guy

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