Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tech time

Mr. Charltray, Mr. Awesome tech dude, came to our class to teach us a new app today.  It is called SIGHT WORDS, and it teaches sight words (hee hee).

Our job as educators is to wisely choose apps.  We look for several things in a good app.  
1. Is it educational?
2. Is it free, or WORTH the $?
3. Does it adapt to the individual learner or is it able to differentiate?
4. Does it allow you to do multiple things within the app?  For example, one of our best apps is called 30hands, and it allows you to do multimedia learning with science, or math, or reading, etc.

Next Tuesday night (March 31) is tech night at school for kindergarten and first grade.  It starts at 5:45 and runs until 6:30pm.  It's your chance to experience the amazing Mr. Charltray!  You will receive an email soon with a link to sign up and lots more info about that evening.

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