Thursday, February 05, 2015

Great Pond Winter Walk

We have just returned from our annual winter walk at Great Pond in Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth Land Trust's own Lisa Gent and Suzanne McGinn again hosted us this year. They are amazing trail guides and seem to find many things that the untrained eye would never see. A special thanks to Tim and Nina, our parent chaperones, for helping to keep the kids focused...a tough job in the awesome snowfest of the woods!  And extra thanks to CELT's Suzanne and Lisa!

a cold, blustery, snowy day!

Suzanne McGinn, CELT
a "shelf" mushroom and woodpecker holes up high
"Fairy Rings"
In the winter, trees hold heat from the sun, so the snow around the bottom of the tree stayed melted and makes a ring.
Mr. Pollick, our parent chaperone, trying to be camouflage and having waaay too much fun
frozen Great Pond
trees with snow on one side so you can see what direction the wind is coming from
deer antlers from CELT that have been nibbled on by small critters trying to survive
look close!  DEER TRACKS!!!!!!!!!
the kids in a pretend "deer den" taking shelter in the bottom of an evergreen tree
People are not well-equipped for winter camouflage!

gathering for a science mini-lesson

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