Friday, December 19, 2014

Pajama day!

Thank you, parents, for taking time out of your CRAZY schedules to come snuggle with us!  Happy vacation!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This afternoon the kids and I had a chat to decide when to do our writing assessment.  The options were before vacation, or after vacation.  We talked about the pros and cons....if we do it before vacation, we are tired and silly and may not do our best work.  But at least it's over, git 'er done!  If we choose after vacation, then we might not remember how to write nonfiction, but we'll be refreshed and ready to write.  Then we voted; it was a landslide!  Every child wanted to do it BEFORE vacation.  I did not expect that!!!!!  So, I scheduled it for tomorrow, until the kids immediately asked if they could do it RIGHT NOW instead of tomorrow. So the kids just worked on their last piece of nonfiction writing for 45 minutes this afternoon, and the writing looks GREAT!  I am very proud of my hard workers!  So, no homework tonight!!!!

Chewonki's Owls of Maine presentation

A special shout-out to CELT for funding and hosting this annual first grade learning opportunity.  We are at the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust building right now, right across from CVS.
Mr. Matt

The owls are safe in their travel boxes.

an owl talon
an owl feather
another larger owl talon (very sharp!)
Saw-whet Owl
Barred Owl
Owls have 14 neck bones, so they can turn their heads almost all the way around.  We have only seven neck bones, like all mammals (even GIRAFFES)!

Great Horned Owl

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday morning yoga with Miss Moe

Miss Moe is our school Occupational Therapist.  A good way to start a sleepy Monday morning!  Remember to freeze in your position.  Slow and frozen, not wiggling.  Listen and follow directions carefully.

Downward dog
Cat and cow

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Guidance lesson

Mrs. G's lesson this week focused on expected and unexpected behaviors in the school and public bathrooms.

Coding with Mr. Charltray

Coding is the language of computers.  It is National Coding Week, and our awesomely fabulous Computer teacher is teaching us beginning coding.  Kids may want to become computer programmers, and this is a great place to start!
The President's message to kids about coding.
These are FREE coding app for your kids to download at home.
Next Tuesday night, Dec. 16, will be a family coding event at Pond Cove called "The Coder Express"!  I believe it starts at 6:30pm, but will confirm with the Pond Cove Newsletter.  Come in your jammies for coding with the kids and hot chocolate!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Who is Superflex???

Superflex is the copyrighted main character in a popular Social Thinking curriculum that teaches children “super-flexible thinking strategies” that help them monitor and modify their own behaviors. For example, we use him to teach kids how to react when you didn't get the partner you wanted, or what to do if the hot lunch menu changes unexpectedly, or what to do if there is a waterfall in the middle of your classroom!

Waterfall time

A little bit of excitement today as our maintenance staff was repairing the heat in the first grade wing. A water line was cut, so we had some water pouring onto our classroom floor.  We were "Superflex!" and went to Mrs. Abbott's classroom for indoor recess.