Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This afternoon the kids and I had a chat to decide when to do our writing assessment.  The options were before vacation, or after vacation.  We talked about the pros and cons....if we do it before vacation, we are tired and silly and may not do our best work.  But at least it's over, git 'er done!  If we choose after vacation, then we might not remember how to write nonfiction, but we'll be refreshed and ready to write.  Then we voted; it was a landslide!  Every child wanted to do it BEFORE vacation.  I did not expect that!!!!!  So, I scheduled it for tomorrow, until the kids immediately asked if they could do it RIGHT NOW instead of tomorrow. So the kids just worked on their last piece of nonfiction writing for 45 minutes this afternoon, and the writing looks GREAT!  I am very proud of my hard workers!  So, no homework tonight!!!!

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