Friday, December 05, 2014

Pajama Day!

Friday, December 19 will be pajama day!  It is a first grade tradition for parents to join us in their pajamas on that day for a short while. We want to share our final edited non-fiction books with you! Also, please bring one of your child's favorite books from home to snuggle and read together.

Please come to school in your jammies from 9-9:45am on Friday the 19th.  I chose an early time in hopes that everyone might just be a little late for work that day.

On pajama day, the kids are allowed to bring their sleep stuff; pillow, blankie, favorite stuffie, slippers, and a flashlight for reading in the dark. Please label your flashlight so that it will come back to your family.

Please RSVP by emailing me at the link on this website.  If you are unable to come, we would be happy to find a staff member that is well known to your child to substitute for you!  The kids know Mrs. Butterworth, Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Davis, and our three high school volunteers who could assist.

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